Flavour Alphabet Diploma

The Flavour Alphabet Diploma is an award granted to kindergartens for providing nutritionally, educationally, ecologically sustainable and delicious meals at kindergartens.


Finnish kindergartens may apply for the Flavour Alphabet Diploma by answering a questionnaire with 45 questions. These questions measure the various aspects related to the meals served at the kindergarten, including the eating arrangements, food and etiquette education, nutrition, and environment.

The goal is to encourage the kindergarten staff, food service personnel and parents to work together on issues related to kindergarten meals and food education, and to improve them. The kindergarten staff and food service personnel apply for the diploma together.

You can learn more about the Flavour Alphabet Diploma questions and practice applying for a diploma on these pages:

Harjoittele kysymyksiä

  • The questions are in a yes/no format.
  • The survey is based on self-assessment. 
  • The diploma requires you to complete the survey successfully, which means that 85% of the yes-statements apply to your daycare centre.
  • The Diploma practice test includes the same questions as the Apply for a diploma test, which is the real test that you must complete to obtain a diploma.



This project aims at improving the appreciation of public food services and the professionals who create enjoyable meals. The project is coordinated by Ammattikeittiöosaajat ry, the Finnish association of food service professionals. The funding comes from Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

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